MapleStory 2 Game Summary

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MapleStory 2 Game Summary

Unread postby eirdreousman » Sat 13 Oct 2018 4:24 pm

Point 1: The new professional psychic outputs the sky and actually cuts milk. Any new game career can always attract the attention of many old players. This is also the case with the new professional psychic. Enlightenment is similar to Qigong and is a very Imba career. He has far more rapid output capabilities than other occupations, while high slamming output characteristics, energy skills that can automatically attack monsters to cause damage, and range stream Galaxy skills, allowing spiritual engineers to adapt to various output environments. It is the DPS that all teams in the current version are competing for. If you are you looking for more about check out our website.At the same time, the spiritual teacher is still a role that can play milk. He can add blood to his teammates and shield them. When there is no priest, he can also milk his teammates. Therefore, players who recommend novices and players who want to return to professional games can choose to be enlightened. The training level is easy, safe, and the team is popular, and there is no need to worry about entering the group to be forced to cut milk, because the psychic output is too powerful. Point 2: Adventure Island 1 Classic Boss Zakun returns, new copies new and old players can play
The new version of Zakun's rebirth, the Devil's Tree, is a point of attention that even exceeds the new career. After all, Zakun, as the most classic Boss of the first generation of Adventure Island, is like the Lich King of Warcraft and always has a high appeal. The copy of MapleStory 2 Zakun Rebirth also reproduced the 1st generation horizontal version of Adventure Island. Similar moves and skills have a new look under the 2nd generation screen. Old players like Dr. X who play from 1 to 2 really feel very emotional. In addition to feelings, Zakun's copy has another layer of meaning, which is to solve the problem that ordinary players have nothing to do in the later period. The point of pain of MapleStory 2 before the player was that the difficulty of the group in the middle and late stages of the game was high and the threshold was high. Poor equipment could not play the group.
This time, the threshold for Zakun's copy is not so high. Even if the player only knocks off Zakun's hand, he can get rewards. At the same time, he will also drop the advanced suit rebirth sleeve, which will solve some of the player's equipment improvement problems. Zakun will also lose a rare mount-Zakun's fingers, and Zakun theme furniture. The addition of the war pet system has further enriched the chaotic copy of the leisure home gameplay of MapleStory 2 with higher difficulty; There are even more difficult copies for those of you looking for tough challenges and rewards
Overall, this new version of the MapleStory 2 is still quite rich. Dr. X had two days at home last weekend and felt much better than before. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with, you possibly can email us on our own page.He also had a lot of things to play with every day. If you're looking for an online game that can be fun and fun, the current version of the MapleStory 2 is a game that is well worth getting into or returning to.

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